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Tablet holder

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Heat resistant ... but not fire resistant

What is “FuecoCadò“?

FuecoCadò is a practical object with a nice design.

It has a triple function: it can be used both as smartphone holder and/or as tablet holder; even as a trivet in the kitchen, because it is made of olive wood, a resistant material, even to heat.

FuecoCadò has a regular, square shape and it is small (cm. 15x15x 1,6), so you can use it wherever you want: at the office, at the bar, in the kitchen, everywhere.

It has “spaces” cut into the wood, which represent a stylized “F”, where you can insert the phone to use it with a correct angle.

Why the name “FuecoCadò“?

FuecoCadò is born as an idea of the architect Paolo Poli at first as an accessory of the Biofireplace Fuecopared.
From Fuecopared its name comes:

  • “Fueco” is the prefix of “Fuecopared”.
  • “Cadò” is born from the idea to give it (“cadeau” en French) to those who buy the fireplace (active promotion).

From the start, the name “FuecoCadò” highlighted an etymological question about the accent of “Cadò”.

The word is an Italianisation of the French word “cadeau” (gift).
But in Italian the accent on the “o” can only be grave, with open pronunciation.
Instead FuecoCadò is read in the French way, with prounciation closed, as it was written “FuecoCadó”.
The writing of the name, for simplicity, respects the Italian alphabet.

Give and give yourself the smartphone holder “FuecoCadò”!

regala fuecocado
fuecocado regalo compleanno
fuecocado a natale

FuecoCadò proposes you a gift to make every wish very special.


Only 15 centimeters per side


Minimum thickness of 1,6 centimeters


Square with a stylized “F”

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