FuecoCadò: gift idea

Give and give yourself the smartphone holder “FuecoCadò”!

“FuecoCadò” is a table smartphone/tablet holder and trivet made of olive wood.
Perfect as a gift, it is original and practical to use everywhere.
It allows you to insert the phone to use it with a correct angle.

FuecoCadò proposes you a gift to make every wish very special.

Do you like this idea?
Buy now FuecoCadò from the Shop to give it to your friends or relatives.

Perfect for all occasions, from birthday to Christmas, from Easter to Woman’s Day.
Every occasion is good to give FuecoCadò: the table smartphone/tablet holder made of olive wood.

Don’t miss the opportunity to give an useful object, but mostly original, instead of the “usual” presents.
Don’t forget also to buy one for yourself, or to persuade your friends to give it to you!

Give and give yourself the smartphone holder “FuecoCadò”!

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